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If I had pulled off my mask before

The Fall Itself

The sun keeps gleaning

through the bones,

robes of some kind

of desert bodies.

The moon is changing

and I am only a shiver

like the fall(en) leaves

Together the universe

waltzes in our hands

and I don´t know 

how to pull off

the mask I haven’t put on

I’ve looked back on a tiny decision 

I’ve made

and I’ve realised about what happened 

because of it

(Oh! If I had pulled off my mask before)

The decision was made in iron & steel

the mask has been melted in an airy kiss

Oh! If I’d only known

but of course

I’ve couldn’t have known

You couldn’t have known

The heart is blind as the sun gleaning

singing the desert inside its robes

And then I am thinking to myself

that I don’t want someone by my side

to tell me the truth

I want someone who leaves space 

to manifest mine

When I am aligned with him, the universe, 

and the stars

Therefore the sun has touched

the infinity of a new sort of darkness.


Irene Cruz & Fernando Naporano

Tarkovsky’s Tango Trilogy


A Ting Nail In The Trogo’s Field

The dancing White Brick

the Immortal – oh - Mother

Mint-pillow blushes the seed

un-beginning, dead Father


Outro Silence For Sacrifice

Limestone, soil, silence & soul

life, even-the-less than a planet;

still/life with a Vizier in afterglow

scarab did you-all in Granite.


The Mirror

Margarita Terekhova sank on the erotic Death

all doors were opened a way too late

winds always moved the jar and the West

ocean-of-bones on shadows before the grave


Los Sueños Y El Tiempo

A hand for nothing is a bliss

Tarkovsky on his deathbed, December 1986

time ceases to exist, gelatine-as-it-is;

the mirror mirrored-me for dreams & Me’s

Fernando Naporano

Irene Cruz is Photographer, DoP and Video artist. She was born in Madrid in 1987, and now lives and works in Berlin. She participated already in more than 450 international exhibitions and art fairs. Irene Cruz creates her artworks using natural elements and blue lights. Most of her photographs and videos are depersonalised portraits interacting with nature. She photographs feature a cinematographic atmosphere, and combine fiction with reality, rendering her work highly recognizable. Influenced by cinematographers as Emmanuel Lubezki, Lance Acord and Christopher Doyle, Irene Cruz’s ephemeral yet exquisitely crafted works have a natural elegance that brings us back to the German Romanticism paintings and imaginary. She engulfs us in her universe and makes us part her work, feeling like voyeurs of the way she perceives the landscapes.

Fernando Naporano is a Portuguese teacher, writer, journalist, musician, and a full time poet. Lived for many years in London, New York, Lisbon, Los Angeles, and is currently based in Madrid. He recorded 3 albums with his band Maria Angélica Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Worked for radio and record companies. He published 9 poetry books so far.

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